Can the light entrance be shut?

Yes, though the DEPLO·BLACK® accessory. It is an electromagnetic system composed by a butterfly that opens or closes the light entrance when turning, like a switch lights on and off a lamp.

What energetic saving do we get?

The daylighting system DEPLOSUN® provides an important energetic saving in lighting in commercial areas, offices... that need light all day long. In those cases, it is possible to cut out the energetic cost along many hours and use artificial light only along the periods when it is absolutely necessary.

When the sun comes in, is heat a problem?

No. DEPLOSUN® pipes are dimensioned to let in the right amount of light to obtain the correct lighting. The efficiency of the dome and the reflective material, let us work with very small light incomes, that assures that there will not be a sun excess and thus heat. Every dome has as well devices to profit sun the maximum in winter and protect from high summer rays. On the other side natural light generates less heat than any artificial light system.

DEPLOSUN® system causes less than a tenth of the heat caused by a conventional system with incandescent bulbs.

Can cold be a problem?

No. DEPLOSUN® system is intended to avoid heat losses through any of its elements. Double glazed dome generates an air chamber that provides a great thermal isolation , also, the pipe itself is another air chamber between dome and diffuser. All joints are sealed, avoiding any air filtration and thus any heat loss between inside and outside.

Does it adapt to any kind of roof?

DEPLOSUN® has a wide range of flashings in order to adapt to any kind of roof like:

  • Flat roof
  • Tiled pitched roof
  • Trough brick outgoing elements ("chimneys")
  • Pitched with corrugated fibrocement
  • Industrial pitched with corrugated iron sheet
  • Industrial flat "Deck"
  • Etc.

Request our catalog of flashings and select the model that suits you better, or consult our Technical department.

Is it possible to put angle adapters in the pipe?

Yes, trough DEPLO·TWIST® accessory but only in the round DEPLO·DUCT® pipe models. DEPLO·TWIST® allows any bending between 0° to 30° only by turning around an end. With that you can easily adapt to any diversion between dome and diffuser. How does "h" affect the lighted area?

The lighted area and the light level obtained will depend significantly on the "h" where the light exit is located. The higher the "h" the bigger the lighted surface will be, but also the light level will be lower.

Which is the right distance between sun pipes?

As a general rule it’s recommended a 3,5 m. distance between pipes. That is true for the almost every situation, but it is possible to make the distance bigger when the roof height is bigger than 3,5 m. and we don’t want high light levels.

If we want high light levels there is not any problem to locate the pipes with smaller distances. It is not advisable to locate the pipes at a distance bigger that 1,5 h. h is the distance between diffuser and work surface height.

Sometimes it is advisable to have areas with a lot of daylighting and others with less daylighting.

Request our technician’s help in order to obtain the light levels and effects more convenient to your case.

When is DEPLOSUN® installed?

The ideal moment to install DEPLOSUN® pipes is when the ceiling is assembled, and the interior walls are plastered, but not painted. For the roof installation ( made by the constructor) ask for the available details or the flashing to assure leak proofing.

How long does it take to install DEPLOSUN®?

The conventional DEPLOSUN® sun pipe is installed in around 2 working hours. If there are several sun pipes, the average time can be significantly reduced.

Who installs DEPLOSUN®?

Normally our own installers, but in almost all the cases it can be installed by any installer or person with building knowledge.

Does it need maintenance?

DEPLOSUN® sun pipes are elements that need minimum maintenance. Eventually the diffuser can be disassembled to clean its surfaces. You can do this comfortably from the interior lighted space. The dome is considered self-cleaning by occasional rain . This is enough to keep the desired transparency level. De inner part of the pipe doesn’t need any maintenance.

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